Locked and Loaded, an American Musical

Bio & Press

Jim Brosseau is a National Magazine Award-winning journalist and jazz pianist. A veteran editor and writer of several newspapers and magazines, he curated a popular anthology on civility. His articles have appeared in GQ, Town & Country, and Condé Nast Traveler, among many others.

He has played piano solo and as an accompanist at clubs, concerts and private events in New York, Washington, DC, and elsewhere. His first musical, the coming-of-middle-age “Delicate Lessons,” was performed at Cape Cod’s historic Provincetown Theater, where “Locked and Loaded, an American Musical” was first presented.

Brosseau writes short works and has penned several 10-minute plays. His comedy, “My Lunch With God,” was performed by Chicago’s Whiskey Radio Hour. He has written and performed stand-up comedy in New York, Toronto and at Florida’s famed McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre and Humor Institute.

What They’re Saying . . .

"Jim Brosseau writes songs in the tradition of the Great American Songbook, which gives them a timeless quality. [His are] haunting melodies and chord progressions. Jim’s lyrics always have pure rhymes, which is a rarity these days."—Two-time TONY nominee (“Side Show”) Bill Russell

I welcome events like this show that extend the conversation [on guns] and thank Jim Brosseau and all those involved.”—Robert DeLeo, Former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

I really enjoyed the songs. [Yours are] clever, lovely lyrics.”—Elise Dewsberry, Artistic Director, New Musicals Inc./Academy for New Musical Theatre

We’re proud to have given a launching platform to this creative and entertaining take on a most relevant topic.”—Brian Carlson, Past President Provincetown Theater Foundation